Summer Yarn

August is just around the corner and teenagers have started shopping for looks that they want to adorn on their first day of college. Living in Delhi is a hectic job, especially with all the climatic confusion. So, we are back again with another Fashion Story to help you guys to look cool and casual this summer, for colleges, especially.

I generally have a preference of fabrics when it comes to Summers, and Cotton and Denim are my top picks.

You wonder why? Read on…


Many of us know what cotton is, and we love to wear especially in Summers. Cotton fabric is popular because it’s easy to care for and comfortable year-round. In hot,
humid weather, cotton “breathes.”As the body perspires, cotton fibres absorb the moisture and release it on the surface of the fabric, so it evaporates. I mostly prefer light coloured cotton clothes in Summer that are breezy and keep me cool.


Denim is a strong, durable fabric constructed in a twill weave with indigo and white yarns. It is traditionally woven with 100%-cotton yarn; however, today it’s blended with polyester, to control shrinkage and wrinkles, and Lycra to add stretch. Nowadays, you can go creative with Denim by getting it printed, striped, brushed, napped and stonewashed, and the indigo. I really like the rugged denim that looks rough and tough as well as stylish.

Also, both cotton and denim can be stitched to almost anything and they look fantastic when worn. Cotton gives me the easy, breezy look and denim, on the other hand, is something that defines comfort for me.

Getting back to our “First day at College Look”, what’s best than a combination of white and blue?

Don’t forget to accessorise your look with chic silver shoes, a pretty little sling to keep your essentials safe and a pair of sunglasses to beat the heat. 🙂

shoesFILE0033 (275)FILE0033 (266)I would suggest you wear minimal makeup because it’s college guys, come on! Go natural!

What am I wearing:
White Top: H&M
Rugged Jeans: Roadster, Myntra
Sling: Koovs
Shades: Sarojini Nagar
Silver Shoes: Koovs

Picture Credits: Kamera by Sandy
KamEra : Facebook
KamEra : Instagram


Hope you like my first day at college look!  Do share your comments below.. 🙂🙂 and don’t forget to tag us using #chicinboots #summeryarn #firstdayatcollege !

🙃❤️Until next time.

Much Love! ♥️

Chic in boots👢



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