QDs, Satyaniketan

Up for Chinese today?

India does offer you a multi-versioned Chinese cuisine. Yes, multi-versioned. North India will have all the Punjabi tadkas and spices mixed to get you a perfect North Indian touch to it. The same way every region has its own version of Chinese Food. Not to forget, it’s delicious AF, but yeah somehow the authenticity has been lost.

We were passing by Satyaniketan and as usual, being the foodie, I had a typical craving for Chinese (P.S. as if I don’t have it 24*7 😛 ). So, we landed up here at QDs. One of the famous joints for Chinese since I don’t even remember, I have been coming to QDs ever since my school days. OMG, I really am turning old :/ *Sigh*

Well, Satyaniketan and rush are a package deal, it’s rare if you don’t get a long queue outside restaurants and cafes here, because of the tremendous college crowd that it witnesses. After managing to get in, it looks like a nice chilled out restaurant with shades of orange and yellow. The sitting area is perfectly organised with cutesy posters on the walls. Even during peak hours, the restaurant is well managed and under control. The staff is courteous at its best.

Focusing on the menu, it offers a wide variety of options to choose from, thus confusing me to an extent that I want to order everything (P.S. I always want to order everything 😛 ). Obviously, my diet is less than a plate so I can’t really torture my people always by leaving every bit of the dishes to them to finish, well, that’s is how cruel I am 🙂 . So, we ended up ordering, Creme Sauce Pasta, Drums of Heaven and Chilly Potato. I know, there’s not much chinese in the order 😛

The Creme Sauce Pasta was awesomely creamy and super delicious. It was cheesy and perfectly cooked. Served with Garlic bread and sprinkled herbs, it was appetising and relishing. Though, it does look like it’s a small portion, but, believe me, it’s quite fulfilling and adequate.


past pasta.jpg
Creme Sauce Pasta


The Drums of Heaven were crispy on the outside and it had a really soft, tender texture on the inside. It was prepared to perfection and were quite spicy, just the way I like them. Garnished with fresh, finely chopped Spring Onions and lettuce makes it tempting, and the foil wrapped leg piece makes it easy to serve and eat.


Drums of Heaven


Chilly Potato was crispy and spicy. Plated with lettuce and garnished with fresh, finely chopped spring onions. You might feel I am repeating but I kinda felt the same while eating. It replaced by potato instead of chicken 😛 .Well, to be honest, the gist of the recipes are the same, so can’t really blame them.


Chilly Potato


Yes, we also ordered some drinks to go with and I loved them both. A Double Chocolate Shake and a Green Apple Jack. Double Chocolate Shake is something almost every one of you would know about and not even a single restaurant can get it wrong. With loads of chocolate and chocolate chips, it tastes heavenly. Green Apple Jack, on the other hand, was a sweet and sour fizzy drink that was really soothing and refreshing. It consists of green apple fizz with a hint of lime. If I must say, it’s a must try.


Green Apple Jack



Double Chocolate Shake


Overall experience: 4.5/5
Cost: INR. 800 for 2
Venue: 294, Satyaniketan Market, Near Venkateshwara College, Satyaniketan, New Delhi

So, what are you waiting for? Let me know your take on QDs.

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Happy Hogging!

Until next time.

Much Love! ♥️

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QD's Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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