Playing Cards

Humans tend to have two sides, may be more, but today I am going to talk about the two conflicting nature of Humans, just like the two colored suites in playing cards.

The two sides of the same coin, we dwell together in the same pack. Red, the casual, easy-going optimist who lives its life to the fullest and the black, evil, worrisome pessimist who always believes the worst of everything. Together we form what the universe tends to look at as, humans.

Depicted by the black.


A person’s acquisitiveness takes him to far off lengths that he couldn’t even imagine. Materialism has taken up the world. There now exists no deed that is selfless. Humans have become covetous. They do not live but compete against other human races. The only thing that prevails is greed. The greed to achieve more, to be the best. And during this chaos, we forget to live. We have become worrisome, pessimist and hard on ourselves.

We work hard to fill our pockets, to be able to fit in the elite class or even just the middle class. Day and night, we lose ourselves into the notion of life that we have now built around us. Piece by piece we have lost all the liveliness of our lives that once existed.


Practicality is issued and emotions are hidden. Somewhere, we have lost what made us Human. Less sensitive and with almost no compassion, we have become a cynic. Not caring for benefits other than ours, we have learned to not only defeat but push people down to rise ourselves.


Wanting to be the Elite,
forgets the joys and freedom that it once had.
Acquisitions neglecting realizations,
numbers are the only thing it considers.
A cynic, killjoy and an alarmist,
works even when the Sun goes down
Pessimism is in her blood,
Materialism has taken up the world.
Gets crushed piece by piece,
doesn’t realize the payment of deeds.
With high heels and head held high,
Aqcuires the worldly desires,
but she loses the essence of life.



Depicted by the Red.

The liveliness that we once had or that is now engulfed by the rapacity, is seldom found. The trait that reminds us to live in your own ways, without giving a shit about the acceptance in the society. It cares less about the money and more about experiences and memories that together creates a life worth living.

Sometimes, when we leave our wealthy desires behind, we meet this side of the human nature which is lovely, cheerful, carefree and chilled out. This is the side that lets us live together and not compete against each other. It’s emotional, sensitive and compassionate. Peace prevails and people rise together. Giving a hand to the fallen, we respect and treat others with courtesy, not giving a damn to the castes or creed.



Keeping its Streetstyle game strong,
The Red cards, well, undoubtedly,
cheerful, bubbly, playful and hearty,
experimenting their way through the day.
Donning the sunglasses,
with plimsoll shoes,
she sways and swirls along the light poles.
Carefree, casual and easy going,
lives life and creates memories.
Cut outs from the jeans,
Alters and sets her own trends.
Being the optimist,
she still hopes to see the daylight.



To conclude with, I would wish the world had more of the Reds and lesser Blacks. Let the Red side of yours see more sunshine and hide away the Black one.

But, it’s you who would choose.
So, choose wisely! 🙂

What am I wearing:
Baggy Jeans: Made from Papa’s old jeans with cutouts of the suites.
White Plimsolls: Koovs
Black Boots: Stilletoes
Shrug: Sarojini Nagar
Skirt: Shopnineteen
Red racerback top: Jabong
Halter neck top: Myntra

Picture Credits: Kamera by Sandy
KamEra : Facebook
KamEra : Instagram

Hope you like my looks !  do share your comments below.. 🙂🙂 and don’t forget to tag us using #chicinboots #sidestochoose #playingcards ! 🙃❤️

Until next time.

Much Love! ♥️

Chic in boots👢




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