Flimsily floundering foggy falsifiable firsts


okay so here goes nothing,

’bout something related to half a part,

of what,where,who,when and why im not sure

but then again

im never sure about anything,am i?

*why did i write this out though*


some say writing is an art

not really trying to be smart

cos thats something ive never been accused of

so i will try not to ruin this masterpiece

or as i’d like to call it…a random assortment of words.

*which it most definitely isn’t*


trying to make it up piece by piece,eh.

*are you posh,if you eat ceviche?*

hope someone gets it,capische’.

well so,moving on

even though that must be a life motto

*wait,did i buy shoes again from lotto??


as i close my eyes,

i find myself

sitting on a bench, fists clenched.

arms hanging like a wrench.

whistling over,

comes a chain of thought

sort of like ,a train of sorts

as each coach passes by

sending the thoughts into a wry

the smoke in the slipstream touches the sky,

who’d write like this even if they try?

*why would they want to, that’s the question though*

as the driver shouts,”all aboard!”

i hop on, cos i’m bored.

*who knows,might we even travel abroad?*

as i board the coach,

i wonder, the obvious opia screams asunder.

as i ponder over sonder.

the sun rises and sets over yonder

*maybe we’re just bottled up, similar to kandor*

i try to find a seat, hope it’s near a window

will allow me to avoid the typical hey-ho.

*the lumineers-(hey-ho!) is an exception though*


through my bag i fiddle,

whilst thinking of a riddle

“found them!” i shout in silence.

*just so that i don’t seem to support violence*

but damn,


headphones are damaged,can’t escape this

what sort of thing,even made this,

sturdy,my foot! couldn’t even bear a tangle

now what use,except to dangle

w/o them this tale continues so hence,and so forth.

*if they did work however,there wouldn’t be a tale to tell!*

i hear footsteps…

as the silhouettes take shape, turn to figurines

the silence is blown to smithereens.

*the train actually starts,go figure.*

everything and everyone’s in place,

so the act begins

people chatter, try to chip in,

random conversations tend to slip in.

nonversations; to try to fit in.

nevermind fake or genuine.

whilst not paying any attention

heard something that just connects

about a song,a movie even a book perhaps

the thing is though,

you didn’t pay attention

so how to connect a face….to the things someone mentioned?!

well you’re init now,aren’t ya?

maybe if the clock turns in your favour,

you might just get an interesting opinion to consider

funny how an act just turned into a game,

of hide n seek (& who’s to blame?)

who’ll be brave,who’ll be meek?

but to be honest,what do you seek?

Jump in or not that’s the question,

Is it too late,is it too early?

*that girl’s hair is definitely too curly*

As i remember something i read somewhere once

“There are many ways into a pool, the stairs…isn’t one of them”

*doesn’t matter, cos i can’t swim anyway;but whatever floats your boat*

But sometimes, the timing is everything.

The convo has seemed to veer into a different direction altogether,

And you’ve lost interest again.

In Spite of all the jumbles and fumbles,

That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

As same as before, a tune enters the mind

Which you can’t place.

Its enjoyable though,nevertheless.


people are people, they act like people

but if people as people stop acting like people

do they still remain people?

All the people said…WHAAT?!!


wait a minute,who’re these people anywhoo?

tying my laces,under the berth,i see a shoe.

where’s the other i wonder,gone to?

it’s a shoe dumbass,where could’ve it gone to,

didn’t really have anything to be drawn to,

kinda weird to try to make a story about a shoe.

didn’t say i couldnt though…mind you.

*the train screams…WHOO-WHOOOO!!*


hell,i got off track again.

*probably got the attention span of a plucking perusing paranoid pigeon*

the trains stopped, i deboard.

don’t even know,if i’m still bored.

walking on, i hear sounds, people doing…their daily rounds.

someone shouts

“2 for 1!”

that sounds like a steal.

But could very well be…a shady deal.

but what’s an act? and what’s real?

*does chicken really taste like veal? *

does this seem cheesy,or does this seem cool?

am i one,or just acting akin a fool?

*damn i just fell of this stool. haha!*

wait a sec

is this real or is this a dream    

*(cheesy as hell i know;but i needed something to go, with?,…look below)*

someone is

serving free ice cream.

i jump and grab a cup

not plain vanilla i hope,

white as snow,as i stare inside

ah well,it’s still ice cream i say with a stride.

before you leave,just listen to a thought:

the driver said so,when he ought:

“dunno if this was

under or over the estimate,

this is however

relaying to the ultimate penultimate,

You know…the halves you been looking all over through,

If you can’t find em’,then let em find you.

this journey ends here thus,we might meet again if we share the same fate,

until then,allonsy mate!”

damn,the pens almost finished,gotta stop.

*even though i’m typing?!*

who knows,this station might just be the spot.


From The Wordsmith: Kapil Vallabh
Facebook: Kapil Vallabh
Instagram: Kapil Vallabh


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