Quintessentially Quiet Qurfew Queens

*I think I should just double check my life insurance if I have one before beginning with this one.
Don’t have one,
So goodbye cruel world!.*

Something’s about someone’s in a very sinusoidal kinda way


Amidst the jargon of all and a few

Let’s look at the number twenty-two

To find her in the flood of faces,

Look for the one who’s accompanied by braces; *for now*


The one whom studying you might never catch,

Although the only Whovian amongst this batch.

Surfing on the net, looking for vids,

Seems pretty chill & accustomed to kids,


Tallest of the trio,

to call she uses jio,

Jaan pyari hai,,,to inke liye free ho.


To talk to, she seems pretty keen,

However brings tiffins filled with namkeen,

Of the trinity…will eat the most,

About stuff, she’s ain’t one to boast,

although anyone she could easily roast,

Hai ye dushman…ki hai ye dost?


pasta, pizza and all o’ that junk,

This one’s always in for a bunk


Well now out of the tardis and away from the tardy,

Let’s look at someone probably wearing ed hardy;

warm as the sunshine it’s time for no 29

For a car she drives a wagon,

A Fan of wizards and dragons


Although any piece of clothing she ever brings,

Is mostly accompanied by a no. of strings,


Not the one to fight or to make war,


might put you in the boot of her car,


Food, she eats, as much as a mice

Just a hint of daal with a bit of rice.


Someday if you short her fuse,

She just might….step on your shoes.

Reading time she always finds less,

So sanskaari….#bless.



and with a twist of fate

let’s look at no. 8,


Shortest of the three,

*Although everyone still looks upto her*

Seems newton’s apple fell on her from the tree..

Skates well, and dances free,


Amongst the three has that kinda pull,

But half a burger…and she’s full.

Presentations or else…will make her place,

But at a buffet…pretty misplaced.


Like soda, with a hint o’ lime,

The studies will be done…quite ahead of time.    *pre-crastinate much??*


For books n shows, all three are pretty keen,

However this one just loves an aubergine.


Attitude akin to the size of a flea,

Although addicted to iced tea.


Oh just one thing I forgot to mention,

This one’s confused with the concept of an intervention!


So outta the three two are bound to studies,

That makes up these three buddies.



*and like the coffee in my cup,

shit! it’s 5! So time’s up.

Adios n Arrivederci amigos.



From The Wordsmith: Kapil Vallabh
Facebook: Kapil Vallabh
Instagram: Kapil Vallabh


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