Belligerent birds birthday!

*Belligerent birds birthday!*

Wishes for the idiosyncratically impatient affable aries,

although I surely hope the subject

matter verifiably varies.

For the one who wants to know her friends much more than they do or themselves for

that matter,

With her words and sayings, even autocorrect would scatter.

With her unfinished travel plans that mostly never come to fruition

though, If they ever do, would she get permission?

Hasn’t been able yet, but tries her best to irritate,

The person who seems to apparently alliterate,

Although the author is still curious,

Why be termed as “mysterious”?

Still for now, lets leave this question,

And continue with this scarcely readable rampant rhyming session.

Like the classical mythical legend of the savior of the skies,

Look up in the sky, is that a plane or a bird that flies?

Spelling well, she surely tries

Laughing Ah ha ha or ha ha ha?

Lets avoid this now, hai-na??

The high flier and the sensible one of the latter.

Marks and result, are always on point for that matter

Well they should be, for her to thrive,

That’s why she’s accompanied by specs now…numbered .25

Which do seem too much of a bother,

cos they make her look like someones grandmother

For the lazy lackey dumbo, which is the correct name though, for sure.

Not quite though, but her crazy might be close to a certified cure,

Who just might send you an audio instead of typing stuff out,

Also the first I’ve heard of audio silences when she wants to shout, going on and about.

But still, points for trying I guess.

And if you care to make sense of more of this mess.

Would it be mean,

if I say in dishes she’s crazy for taro or an aubergine?

Says that instead of people she prefers “Shaanti”

Maybe, uses the kind of paste called “Dant kanti”?    

**it seems surprising that you actually brush,

gotta ask your friends though…why they seem in such a  rush.**

Fan of urdu and in music listens to “sufi”

In matters of talk, always initiates and generally goofy.

On the day after tomorrow since the day of the Fool.

In moments of dire, keep calm and cool

Agar koi puchhe…ki ye hai kaun,

To batana jiski jigri hai don.

Even though I could go on and on,

Lets stop here before it gets absurd.

So on this auspicious day of April the third

Wishing you a very happy birthday…you blissfully bonkers bird!

*Kaash anant se bhi aage….jaaye aapki aayu, i hope pasand ayi hogi ye poem aapko, Jovial Jatayu* 😛 😀

From The Wordsmith: Kapil Vallabh
Facebook: Kapil Vallabh
Instagram: Kapil Vallabh



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