Spectrum White!

Life is full of colours but sometimes all we want is a blank slate, the purest of all colours, White.. Serene, peaceful and soothing, thats what I want to be. Sporting an off-shoulder white maxi dress through the different colors of nature. I donned it with a contrasting neckpiece and golden reflectors. I prefer flats to go with a long maxi dress.With a red shade of lipstick and a liner, I was ready to experience the day.



The color of extremes.
Religious, yet the color of passionate love.
Anger and fire dwelling on it,
it’s, but, adventurous and magical.
Irony makes it the color of energy, a new life,
and the color of blood, death, at once.
Super-human heroism to the Greeks,
And is the color of the Christian crucifixion.
Relates to lust more than love,
Fuels war more than peace.



The color of mother nature,
Relates to balance and harmony.
Symbol of ecology,
Signifies growth, rebirth, and fertility.
Restores depleted energy,
makes you green with envy.
Relates to stability and endurance,
Giving us persistence and the strength.
The color of prosperity and abundance,
Nonetheless, possessive and materialistic.



The color of heaven and authority,
denim jeans and corporate logos.
Represents both the sky and the sea,
Giving liberty to your imaginations.
Intuitive and sensitive,
And inspiring to many.
Secure and confident,
Lets you take control and be ethical.
Cold, wet, and slow
Seeks peace and tranquility above everything else.


Most complete and pure,
the color of perfection.
Purity, innocence, wholeness and completion,
All synonyms of white.
Related to sincerity, faith and spirituality,
Gives you a sense of understanding, beginnings and perfection.
It’s your blank slate,
waiting to be written upon.
Constitutes equal balance of all the colors,
Carrying along every aspect of every color.

What am I wearing:
White Maxi Dress: https://chicinboots.wooplr.com/
Footwear: Bata
Accessories: Sarojini Nagar

Picture Credits: Vikram
Vikram : Instagram

Hope you like my look!  do share your comments below.. 🙂 🙂 and don’t forget to tag us using #chicinboots #maxidress ! 🙃❤️

Until next time.

Much Love! ♥️

Chic in boots👢

Srishti and Meghna😉



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  1. Nice feed ! ❤
    Keep it up.

    Sakshi Sundriyal

    Liked by 1 person

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