Ethnic Fusion 👑

A girl, woman, the feminine is best described in her ethnic attire. With flaws and flares, she’s the natural form of elegance. Embrace her beauty in every form and let her shine through her ages. Witness the Indian beauty in action with this post!

Rock the Lehenga in three different ways and pair it with minimal, yet enough, accessories and makeup. Wear it like a gown and don it with a tiara (p.s., that’s a neckpiece that I pinned on my head to get a nice ethnic Mattha Patti look). All you need to do is wear the skirt above your bust and sport the blouse/jacket above it. Also, you can always trust your white shirt for a totally new look. It also adds the elegance to your lehenga. Add pearls and rock the look. Lastly, dress up with a silk black crop top to make it look more ethnic. Adding a dupatta or not, is totally up to you!

1. The Naive One.

She is cheerful, jovial, kooky, but quiet,
Still, defies gravity in her own right.

She’s the princess of her father,
the apple of his eye.
She’s unburdened, unaware, petite, naive and innocent.

But, she’s protected,
kept away from eyes, eerie and creepy.
From hands, clinging like a leech,
exploring her untouched soul.

Scared, not getting her scarred.
From sun, dust, may be acid,
Cause streets are filled with morons.

Feared from nights,
frightened when no lights,
she breathes but doesn’t live.



2. Workaholic.

She’s responsible, after all,
with great powers comes great responsibilities.

She works,
She cooks,
She washes,
She’s Durga.
Kept on feet,
she’s worshiped.

She’s the woman of her mother,
who’s grown, sophisticated, experienced and worldly.
She’s now her own protector,
Pepper spray being her rescuer.



3. The Keeper.

She’s the keeper of her mate,
the provider, the giver, but never the taker.

She sacrifices, abandons her once home,
She creates, builds another world,
her realm, with her king,
she acts like a queen.

With a spell on her lips,
She cares for her kids.
The day today or the one tomorrow,
could still be left to deal with the sorrow.

As with time they grow and stories do flow,
She still finds her gracious glow.
Like a star in the night sky,
Her laughter still twinkles in his eyes.



What am I wearing:
Silk Skirt: From my Mother’s Closet.
Geometric Print Jacket: Inspired from AIFW, 2017.
Black Blouse: Fabric from Asian Fabrics.
Shirt: Wills Lifestyle
Footwear: Stilettoes
Accessories: Sarojini Nagar

Picture Credits: Vikram
Vikram : Instagram

Write-up assisted by : Kapil Vallabh
Facebook: Kapil Vallabh
Instagram: Kapil Vallabh

Hope you like my look!  do share your comments below.. 🙂 🙂 and don’t forget to tag us using #chicinboots #ethnic ! 🙃❤️

Until next time.

Much Love! ♥️

Chic in boots👢



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