6 Skirts your wardrobe needs this Summer!

We are listing you the perfect skirts that you need in your wardrobe to rock this Summer Season. We are also providing you with links, where you can buy them. So, basically, we have all sorted for you! 🙂

  1. Wrap Around
    These are fit to all and easy to carry ones. The best thing about wrap arounds is you can carry them casually or even pair it with some ethnic jhumkis and stuff. It looks uber cool anyway.wrap around

    To buy this Wrap Around, visit:  https://chicinboots.wooplr.com/product/5748441628803072/wrap-around-skirts


    To buy this wrap around, visit: https://chicinboots.wooplr.com/product/6248036116987904/wrap-around-skirts

    To look how we created a look out of this wrap around, visit: Idiosyncratic Aztec

  2. The Asymmetrical
    These skirts are cool, casual, breezy kinda clothing. These are perfect for a breezy summer day. These can be paired with tank tops and a nice statement necklace would look lovely.low-high.png

    To Buy this Asymmetrical Skirt, visit: https://chicinboots.wooplr.com/product/4645877966962688/orange-maxi-skirt 

    To see how we created a look out of asymmetrical skirt, visit: Playing Asymmetrical

  3. Netted Skirts
    These skirts are best flaunted in Summer evenings. It gives a dreamy and elegant look. You can go casual or even rock them to a party, it’s up to you. Having dinner dates? Wear these skirts and let the compliments flow in!netted skirts

    To buy this Netted Skirt, visit: https://chicinboots.wooplr.com/product/6162537505095680/mesh-pores-maxi-skirt

    netted skirts2

    To buy this Netted Skirt, visit: https://chicinboots.wooplr.com/product/5896609756348416/lace-crush-maxi-skirt-white

    To see how we created a look out of this skirt, visit: Go Elegant

  4. Sexy Slit Skirts
    This is a must have in your wardrobe to show off your sexy legs this Summer. These can be casual as well as sexy at the same time. You can pair it with Tank tops, halter necks, basically, any body fitted top.slit.png

    To buy this Slit Skirt, visit: https://chicinboots.wooplr.com/product/6303639175692288/showoff-maxi-skirt


    To buy this Slit Skirt, visit: https://chicinboots.wooplr.com/product/5380628079443968/side-slit-pastel-inspired-white-maxi-skirt

    To see how we created a look using a slit skirt, visit: Seasoning the Skirt

  5. Pencil Skirts
    These are perfect for party wear and evening wear. It enhances your body shape and can be paired with a nice evening wear top.pencil.png

    To buy this Pencil Skirt, visit: https://chicinboots.wooplr.com/product/5568259403022336/brawen-skirt


    To buy this pencil skirt, visit: https://chicinboots.wooplr.com/product/5133392339795968/on-the-cut-pencil-skirt-black

    To see how we created a look out of a pencil skirt, visit: Rose Quartz

  6. Ethnics
    Invest in a Silk Skirt that will let you experiment while you are attending a wedding, this Summer. You can pair it with a nice top and accessorize well. You could also get a blouse stitched, preferably black since it is a universal color and it goes well with everything. Also, a dupatta would enhance the look even more. Assembling a lehenga this way is fun and also saves your money!lehenga3.png

    To buy this Ethnic Skirt, visit: https://chicinboots.wooplr.com/product/4854725132550144/semi-dupion-poly-brocade-hand-block-printed-skirt


    To buy this ethnic skirt, visit: https://chicinboots.wooplr.com/product/4908291427794944/cotton-block-printed-border-skirt


To buy this ethnic skirt, visit: https://chicinboots.wooplr.com/product/4855128859475968/semi-dupion-poly-brocade-hand-block-printed-skirt

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Until next time.

Much Love! ♥️

Chic in boots👢



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