Idiosyncratic Aztec

Lately, I have been trying to experiment more with my looks and make sure it doesn’t seem like it’s the same as the one before. I like to add the quirkiness in it and make it distinctive from the others. 😉

So, today I chose to wear a halterneck black top underneath my Aztec wrap around skirt. I wrapped my skirt way above my waistline to make it look like a dress. 😀 Since I am obsessed with black and white, I went monochrome today. ❤


Adding up the fun, I donned a knee-high sock and a pair of high heeled boots.👠 You can also ditch the socks and wear on boots or simple flats too.


I carried a silver statement neckpiece to elevate my look.❣ I would advise you to wear something full and long so that it blends your skirt with the top you wear beneath it. You can also discard the top if you want an off-shoulder look. It all depends on what you are tranquil with. 👸


I wanted to let my outfit speak for me, so I applied minimal makeup that included an eyeliner, kohl and a red lipstick to stand out with. You might be wondering what the yellow band is? Well, I had a great blast at the Popxo Love Fest. Head over to our Instagram page with the username @chicinboots to know more about the event. 🌟


What am I wearing:
Skirt: Janpath
Boots: Stilletoes
Knee-High Socks: H&M
Neckpiece: Sarojini Nagar

Hope you like my look!  do share your comments below.. 🙂 🙂 and don’t forget to tag us using #chicinboots #skirtfun ! 🙃❤️

Until next time.

Much Love! ♥️

Chic in boots👢



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