A Happy Rose Day to everyone!

The Valentines week has begun and Rose Day is the first day of the valentines week. Roses are the foremost symbol for endearment and hence this day marks the beginning of the week celebrating love.

To all those who think that all this Valentines drama is stupid and for kids I agree with you to some extent as when you are in love, everyday should be a special day but then in today’s time where work and responsibilities have gotten the better of us and love has taken the back seat, this week may help in making our loved ones feel special. Hence why to fuss over stupid or not if gifting a rose can bring a smile on their face 🙃. After all who doesn’t love being pampered with  flowers eh!

This week I will be sharing  various looks for valentines day  and today’s look is inspired from a rose!

Like the rose I chose to dress in full bloom, beautiful and full of life wearing a blue floral petite dress.

Since my outfit was a little too dressy I kept my hair simple.

Pair your dress with some cute pastel color sandals or nude pumps to get going.

If you want to make the look a little bolder wear the dress with a choker and a long chain to add a different dimension to the look.

Since my outfit was enough to speak for itself I kept my makeup simple by highlighting the eyes with only an eye liner and kajal. Add on a pastel pink lipshade to complete the look.

What am I wearing-

Dress- chi chi london

Footwear- catwalk

Accessories-The Label Life
Hope you like my look!  do share your comments below.. 🙂 🙂 and don’t forget to tell the people you love how much they mean to you.. Make them smile by gifting them a rose today!🙃❤️

Much love 😘

The chicinboots!



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  1. I like the fit of the dress!


    1. chicinboots says:

      Thank you! you can also shop from https://chicinboots.wooplr.com for all our similar outfits!

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      1. I´ll take a look thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

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