STYLE it like a School GIRL!🎒👟

Certain aspects of classic school uniforms are quite on-trend—especially knee-high socks and those that creep up toward the thigh. And guess what? It’s absolutely possible to pull off the trend and still look like a class act.

Here’s how I styled a single look with these knee-highs in three different ways using the power of layering!😉😎

1. The Classic.

The thing to be careful while styling like a school girl is that one shouldn’t end up looking too kidish or boring. So the most simple and chic way to wear them for me, is to pair them with a sexy shirt dress and accessorise according to the occasion. Adding a pair of white plimsolls ,a knitted hat and a backpack helped me attain that fun casual look!

2. Go preppy!

I improvised the same attire to make it more preppy and tied a checked shirt around to get that perfect school girl look!🙃

3. Winter fun.

Knee-high socks  have also been one of my most favourite items to wear this winter. They are trendy and warm and allow me to get that extra mileage from all my favourite summer pieces without getting chilly.

To make this look winter friendly I just added a sweater over the same dress which made it look like a skirt and  completed the look with a black scarf and reflectors!

Layer up with a jacket if you are still cold.. 🙂

What am I wearing:
Scarf: GK M

Knee-highs: H&M

Bag: NY city.

White plimsolls:

Knitted hat : somewhere from Nainital

So that’s how I recreated that school girl vibe with these knee highs.Do let me know how did you like the looks and share your fashion mantras with these knee highs and tag us using #chicinboots!😘🙂

Until next time.

Much Love!♥️

The chic in boots



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