Slaying with the Poncho

Poncho is a wonderful garment from South America.
Well, I bought one and recreated it into 4 amazing ways that you can wear.

  1. The Traditional Way
    It’s easy to put on your shoulders and walk out when you are in a hurry. It definitely saves the morning time, after all, no one wants to get up early on a Winter morning. I wore a top beneath it and paired it with a black jeggings and boots of course.

    The Traditional Way
  2. Rock the Chic way
    Sometimes, we definitely wanna add some chic swag to get over the mundaneness of our looks. So, I turned it sideways and let it fall over my shoulders to give a carefree look. A cool pair of reflectors enhances this look!

    Rock the Chic Way
  3. The Off-Shoulder
    You can always wear a pullover beneath the poncho if you feel too cold. And then you can definitely go off-shoulder on either side.

    The Off-Shoulder
  4. The Skirt
    Your pretty poncho can be used as a winter skirt! Pair it with a pullover and boots and voila you can dazzle the party with your look.

    The Skirt

    So girls, what are you waiting for?
    Upload your favorite look with your poncho on Instagram, tag us: @chicinboots and use hashtags: #chicinboots #poncho so that we can look for you.
    Happy Dressing!

    Boots from Sarojini Nagar
    Reflectors from Sarojini Nagar
    Poncho from Chunmun
    Jeggings from Lifestyle
    Pullover from Lajpat Nagar


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