Lazily Long Latent Limerick

*an explanation might be due, with the question why this??

Well, why not. The idea came through while going through a limerick* once read, even though this might not be one…but it was definitely inspired from the rhythm of which it might seem.*

*limerick– A limerick is a humorous poem consisting of five lines. The first, second, and fifth lines must have seven to ten syllables while rhyming and having the same verbal rhythm. The third and fourth lines only have to have five to seven syllables and have to rhyme with each other and have the same rhythm. *


*disclaimer: Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely intended and might be pretty apparent to them, chronological and logical liberties have been taken by the author just cos’ he can. *

*So is this entirely fictional? For the unawares, definitely.*


Three people, tiers and peers
Pertinent peculiarly to places, food, and beers
“But who are they?“ you ask,
Well you see,
They can be defined by a, b and c.

A is for an alien, tall and maybe sweet
Came to earth, looking for people to meet.
Amongst the three, the most brave and bold
Likes her food spicy, and her beers cold.
Seemingly so, is the most wise.
Although has some difficulty finding clothes in her size.
Like an ice-cream dropping from a cone,
This alien somehow lost her iPhone,
Accompanied by shades, and an assortment of hats,
Out of the three, Most likely wearing flats,
If you tend to overspeed, or do a bad deed
Then pay this tip some heed,
she’s the one most likely to scratch,
The next one on the hatch.

B is for a bewda who stays in a funk
The one whose room is always full of junk
But on certain occasions, he seems the least bit drunk.
Not implying he looks okay, but could’ve definitely looked worse.
Also probably the most likely to curse.
Eyes akin a frog, carrying a weird smell
But as a person…seems pretty swell.
Took a swig and set up a tent,
Turned out to be, the next president.

C is for a chidiya, who loved photoshoots
she might be the one, who operates chicinboots.
The one most likely to get branded
With a word called candid,
Both in person and in a photo
Agar kabhi aapko baat karne ka mauka mila ho to.
Just here, needed to use some hindi,
Cos the food she loves is called bhindi,
although to talk, you might need to droop
Amongst the three, will listen to songs on a loop
If you get the gist, and look past the faded mist.
The sketch artist, who cooks stuff with a twist

As the situation ravels
And the mystery of the trinity further unravels
The one thing that’s common
Is that they all loved to travel
Amidst these travels came an addition to the group,
And thus the trio became a troupe.

This 4th addition, is a he
Assigned the letter d,
D let’s say stands for a designated drunk driver
Seems as mellow as a song from bon iver
How can a designated driver be drunk you ask?
Well if ya just peel of your sceptical mask
& consider this as a matter,
If after a drink he just drives better!
Tall as the alien and in matters pretty fair
Although seemingly obsessed with his hair
He has a car, and teaching is his field
& the clothes are ordained by captain america’s shield

After this seemingly skerrick description, and hoping all goes on well,
For any more, lets leave the possibility of a sequel.
And furthermore for travels across the bend
We have arrived at the……..


Tags: #abc #abcd #travel #likeforlike #followforfollow #zyaadahogya #ruknachhaiye

#keysstuck #help #####…

*sincerely hope the reader likes it, and if you don’t well…

ab to thodi der ho gayi,agli baar ye pehle padh lena*

The Wordsmith: Kapil Vallabh
Facebook: Kapil Vallabh
Instagram: Kapil Vallabh


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