5 Ways to Beautifully Capture Goa!

Visiting Goa anytime soon?
Let me give a list of the type of pictures you should definitely click, while you are still there.

  1. Morning Walk.
    While in Goa, you are definitely gonna ditch sleeping. Get to the beach early in the morning and enjoy the beautiful view and the picturesque landscapes. Ask your friend to capture your walk instead and it will result in a breathtaking picture.
  2. With the sunset.
    Do not miss the beautiful sunset in Goa. You can get a perfect view from the infamous Chapora Fort.
  3. The Sea
    Ditch capturing yourself and seize the moment. Snap pictures of the waves and sea.
  4. The food
    You obviously cannot stop taking pictures of awesomely presented food, can you?
  5. Writing Names on Sand
    We were bad at making castles in sand, so we tried writing. And I guess, we pretty much perfected it!

    So guys, let me know how you improved your camera game in Goa.

    Upload your snap of Goa on Instagram, tag us: @chicinboots and use hashtags: #chicinboots #goa so that we can look for you.
    Happy Travelling!

    Picture Credits: Kamera by Sandy
    KamEra : Facebook
    KamEra : Instagram

    Location: Goa, India


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